Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And the portraits continue!

Lots more added to the series since I last blogged. These are a couple of my favourites:


I've also come across some noteworthy blogs recently: Robert Hunt and Chris Wahl, who's got some awesome sketching and colouring videos.

Additionally, Today's Inspiration features tons of classic old illustrations. These Frank McCarthy layouts are awesome.


CRwM said...

The bike in the "garlic" portrait is wonderful. It looks alive, less like a machine and more like a second subject. Good work, man.

Antimatty said...

really awesome work dude, i really like the bike. the only thing is that the girls eyes look kinda wierd. i don't know if you were going for a stylised thing and i just didnt pick up on it or something, but a persons eyes are round and you made them diamond shaped, but still, your work is really cool!